Maine Long Term Care Insurance

Maine Medicare Does Cover Health Care Needs For Senior Citizens, But Gives Limited Coverage For Long Term Care.

Long Term Care Insurance Includes Coverage Of Medical And Non-Medical Care For People Who Have Chronic Illness Or Disability. It Provides Rehabilitation For People Who Need Long Term Care.

Long Term Care Policies Pay A Specific Amount Of An Insured?s Long Term Care Costs When The Insurer Provides A Certificate From Doctor As A ?Chronically Ill Individual ??.

An Individual Is Assigned ?Chronically Ill Individual ?Certificate When The Person Requires Supervision Due To Cognitive Impairment To Prevent From Health And Safety Casualties.

The Person Is Not Able To Perform Two Or More Activities Of Daily Living (Adl).

Long Term Care Is Essential For People Who Can Not Perform Activities Of Daily Living (Adl) Such As Dressing, Bathing, Eating, And Toileting For A Long Period Of Time.

Maine Long Term Care Insurance Coverage

Long Term Care Insurance Policies Vary In Coverage Types. Some Cover Medical Equipments And Skilled Care While Some May Cover Home Health Care Or Nursing Home Health Care.

Long Term Care Insurance Does Not Replace Medicare.

The Long Term Care Activities Include From Daily Activities To Full Time Care.

Home Health Care– Health Care Services Received At Your Home Including Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy And Other Home Care Needs.

Adult Day Care-Adult Day Cares Are Centers For Rehabilitation Of Elderly People Who Need A Protective Shelter. In This Adult Is Taken Care And Assisted During Daytime And Return Home In The Evening.

Assisted Living Facilities-These Are Residential Quarters Which Offer Help In Daily Activities For People Who Need Long Term Care. Supervision Of Patients And Medication Management Is Given To People With Chronic Illness Like Parkinson?s And Alzheimer?s Is Also A Part Of Assisted Living Facilities.

Respite Care- A Option For Family Members So That They Can Take Rest Or Vacation From The Patient Care Services.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities-Care Is Given According To The Residential Person?s Needs.

Custodial Care-Help In Daily Activities.

Residential Care-Independent Residential Living With Recreational Activities.

Skilled Nursing– High Level Care Is Taken With The Help Of Skilled Nurses And Doctor?s Supervision.

Maine Long Term Care Insurance Helps To

  • Protects Your Assets And Income During Long Term Illness.
  • Helps You To Pay For Your Own Care.
  • You Are Not Dependent On Others For Daily Activities.

Maine Long Term Care Help-

Maine Department Of Health And Human Services

Office Of Elder Services: 207-287-9200
Toll Free Nationwide: 1-800-262-2232
Toll Free Tty: 1-800-606-0215