Medicare Maine

Maine Medicare Part D offers insurance coverage for prescription drugs.
This plan is offered by private health insurance carriers and is also referred to as ME Medicare Part C plan.
For Maine Medicare health insurance, part of the insurance is funded by the Maine government and the remaining by the state government.
Maine Medicare drug plans are offered by private insurance providers and fall under the Medicare Part D category.
Beneficiaries can get healthcare needs, such as emergency services, inpatient care, skilled nursing care facilities, outpatient care, medical equipment.
Maine Medicare is applicable for people who are 65 years and above and who are under 65.

Maine Medicare

Maine Medicare Is A Health Insurance Program By U.S Government
  • Qualifications for Medicaid

    People have to be residents of Maine and also be citizens of the United States
  • Citizenship and identity Requirement

    Both adults and children have to prove their citizenship
  • Income Requirement

    Income requirement is different for different categories of people
  • Maine Medicaid Program

    Eligibility depends on the income and assets of the household
  • Maine Medicare

    Run jointly by the federal and state governments, offer a whole range of preventive as well as screening services
  • Maine Health Benefits

    Offers comprehensive medical and health care facilities via Medicaid and Medicare

How to apply for Medicare in Maine?

In order to apply for Medicare in Maine, the person should meet eligibility criteria.